Playing on the pun of Magrittes “Ceci c’est ne pas une pipe” – this series in the fashion of “Ceci c’est ne pas un portrait” explores the nature of portrait painting and its attached presumptions. Con- trary to the assumption a portrait shows a “true self ” my portraits are as uide, blurry, escaping and uninsightful as – in my mind – real people are.


The images in this part are easily recongizable as masterworks of famous painter. I am presenting them as a part of my artistic visual research dealing with cultural images. I am working on notions of a cultural collective memory. Images – easier to recall than words – make up a large part of our memory, which is in a large part de ned by our culture. I am experimented with this type of regis- ter of visual memories by appropriating old paintings from the history of art.

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