Les femmes tondues – even if they were criminals…

During my residency in les Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc in Brittany, I worked on a project on regional history and came into contact with people living in a small village next to our residency, who told me about the occupation of the town through the germans and how during the liberation a few women who had frequented german soldiers, or were thought to have done so, were shaved and two of them hanged. For me it was the first time I heard of the “femmes tondues”. Since then I have been interested in this topic.


I am interested in the dynamics of group pressure and group identity. I think it is important in- vestigate individuality in the face of conformity or group/societal pressure. Eventhough it seems we are having more freedom than ever, I feel like there is a strong visual force of conformity and at the same time a youth at loss and maybe lacking conformistic movements or unions.
In my paintings I examine the juxtaposition and balance between individuality and societal conformism, group dynamics and individual lonilessness. I would like my paintings to portray the comfort and at the same time the inherent danger of being in a group and losing it’s own identity.

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