What does the internet do to our bodies? Is the body still of importance in the digital age of un-corporality?
Do we still have a body-subjectivity in a time when the human body is less an less important and more and more a vehicle?
Do we shape and re-shape our identites according to body-images shown to us?
Do we still communicate with our bodies in the digital age?
What kind of mirror is the internet for ourselves?

Theses are some of the question that are at the origin of this theme complex. In this chapter I am presenting you a selection of works that are based on images taken from the big data base of the internet. Some images are snapshots circulating on social media, others are private shots. I re-work the images I find in paint or watercolor and try to analyse the moment to add another layer to the otherwise sometimes rather embarassing snap shots.

“Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?”.


“Doppelgaenger” is a body of works based on the feeling of how we sometimes feel double…. or disconnected from our body and mind.
The nude paintings are based on images found online, showing a disembodiment between the real self and the online self. In painting the cliches, they are transformed into something less cheap and embarrassing, but into something more poetic and distant.

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