Art in Areas of Decay

Art Outside Galleries/ Ed.1: Fine Art in Areas of Decay

Art in Areas of Decay – is an intent to bring art closer to the people, and it is an experiment to investigate its force out of its common environment. Given the fact that in our current system of redistribution of capital, art works are considered/reserved for the higher classes, and consequently shown in the corresponding environment, different questions come up: has the art works as such, created in isolation for adoration and re-compensation also a value in another environment? What happens if it is seen with different eyes?

Does the majority of people living in brazil actually get in contact with pieces of art (unless they are public)? These questions were the origin of our quest. This is me with one of my new paintings, which today got a chance to visit an old car cemetery|car pieces retailer. We tried to put the paintings in scene against a background of car wrecks and earth piles. The idea was to show fine art in a decadent environment.

Thanks to photographers Loic Tachon and Marcos Rojas.


car cemetery
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