Lo que sea

Lo Que Sea. exhibition @ La Tienda Espacio Cultural – Colombia

group exhibition
artists: Pauline Zenk, Ivan Carazo, Ricardo Muñoz Izquierdo, Sebastián Cadavid, Julián Urrego and artists based in Medellin.
opening: 23rd of November 2012
location: Medellin - Colombia
website: La Tienda

Lo Que Sea: A Drawing is the easiest way to transport an idea. A drawing can be made quickly and sloppyly, fast and furious, detailed and precisley, big or small. Whatever form it might be a drawing can be tool for understanding, for expressing an idea, for transcribing a feeling. A drawing can trigger an idea, an atmosphere, a feeling or a movie. A drawing as a human made first-hand, first-glimpse of mind is immensly powerful. The idea of the collective “Latienda” was to enforce the culture of Medellin by a unique action: 15 artist were asked to make a drawing. These original 15 drawings were then photocopied 1 million times.

Lo Que Sea: A Drawing is the easiest way to transport an idea. The exhibition space was made to look like a supermarket, and each visitor could take away as many drawings as he or she liked. In addition to this revolutionary practique, the drawings were loaded on one of the two wheel carts, that are commonly used by fruit sellers throughout Colombia. The Latienda Collective drove with this cart through Medellin and - just like the fruit sellers – announced the free give-away of drawings via a microphone. I would like to thank Latienda for the invitation to this event and am glad I could participate in this new social curating school that might open a path to the future with a new concept of a gallery and the art market.

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