“I like it …” Exhibition Neurotitan Gallery Berlin

“I like it raw” – exhibition with the RAW Collective und FAK – Freies Ausstellungskollektiv of Berlin

This winter I had the chance to participate at the “I like it raw” exhibition at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin.

Vey many Thanks to Kaethe Bauer, the FAK and all RAW artists!

opening: 21.02.2020

With: A-Stefan | Käthe Bauer | Benjamin Dewor | Eliot theSuper | Anke Ihmann | Marie Kirchner | Karoline Kreißl | Beate Kunath | Jochen Kuschel | Bruno di Martino | Elya May | Julia Oppenauer | Francesco Petruccelli | Eléonore Roedel | Kathrin Schädlich | Kim Schädlich | Bernd Seufert | Senor Schnu | Aleksandra Szafiejew | Ralf Tekaat | Caroline Wächter | Andrej Wolff | Pauline Zenk

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