Fragmented Narration – Colombia

Fragmented Narration – Exhibition @Casa Tres Patios Art Center, Medellín Colombia

group exhibition
artist: Pauline Zenk, Andres Monzon, Juan Duque, Sarojini Lewis, Gabrielle Gordeau, Lenny Oosterwijk, Ine Lamers, Tom Helyar - Cardwell, Juan David Diez, Juan David Higuita, Carlos Montoya, Laura Montoya, Ricardo Muñoz Izquierdo, Fredy Alzate Gomez, Su Tomesen, Rodrigo Escarpetti Pecci, Julia Pombo, Barbara Wagner, Sebastian Sierra Restrepo, Ivan Carazo.
opening: 25th of October 2014 - 18.30h
until: 12th of November 2014
location: Casa Tres Patios. Medellin - Colombia
curator: Sarojini Lewis

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