Carnaval Colors

Carnaval Colors. exhibition @ Ponto d’Arte Espacio Cultural – Brazil

solo exhibition
opening: 20th of June 2014
location: Florianopolis - Brazil
website: Ponto d'Arte Espacio Cultural

Carnival (n.) From Italian: "carnelevare" literally "to remove meat", "to lighten, lift, remove meat " or "meat in movement".

The origin of the word was the motivation of these paintings: meat moving. It is the movement that the artist tried to capture on canvas. The emphasis here is on the "carnal" aspect of Carnival, real bodies in motion, turns, ladies with muscular bodies, large buttocks and the colors. It is the dynamics behind the carnival spirit and not the decor. The artist thought to capture the frenetic dancing in trance, the beats of drums and the sounds of samba. The paintings are based on blurry photos taken during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

But as already David Hockney explained, the camera is limited, it is just a moment of frozen time, while some paintings convey much more emotion, movement, intensity. The traditional quality of oil paint is set in contrast with the images, fleeting moments captured in a moment that momentarily transforms into eternal paintings.

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