Dibujos – 50 dibujantes

Dibujos. exhibition @ Taller 7 – Colombia

group exhibition
opening: 4th of April 2013
location: Medellin - Colombia
curator: Taller 7 website: www.TallerSiete.com

Dibujos: This collective Exhibition united artists from Medellin and those who have passed through Medellin on their journey. The art residency Taller 7 presents the works of 30 artists, fostering its image as “drawing residency”. In their variety all drawings underline the theory of the cultural new surrealist ”drawing” movement, said to be taking place in Medellin, Colombia.

The front figure of this movement, internationally acclaimed artist Jose-Antonio Suarez Londoño regulary participates and organizes drawing sessions in Taller 7, thus encouring young artists to continue drawing. Due to the latin-american art market's focus on paintings, as principal art product for sale, drawing has a difficult stand. It is thus even more important, that Taller 7 shows some of the best draftspeople in their hopefully eye-opening exhibition that could change the perception of drawings.

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