Criançando. exhibition @ Cor Galeria de Arte – Brazil

group exhibition
artists: Diego Rossi, Fabio Dudas, Pauline Zenk
opening: 12th of October 2013
location: Florianopolis - Brazil
curator: Marina Baldini

Seemingly naive depictions of children give, upon a closer inspection, room for philosophical interpretations. Miniature and detailed, astounded children faces stare into the eyes of dead dinosours, disguised policemen or just black ink spots. At times playing with the two-dimensionality of drawing, as well as with the color scheme of reduced colors, they give way into the mind of a child drawing like an adult : Reality is inspected, the rules of science are revised and biology is reinvented. In the poetic small drawings, daily life is depicted, yet imbued with mystery, astonishment and wonder; A nostalgic and at times desillusioned adult gaze into the realms of fantasy and a child's imagination. A characteristic of children is that they feel curiosity for anything.

From a very innocent perspective they dare to question everything. “Why do we have five fingers instead of four or six?” They question things, values and ideas that for us have become unquestionable. Children are capable of noticing and seeing things we don't see anymore. This characteristic is fantastic. As we grow older we limit our reality and we delete all ideas and thoughts that don't seem appropriate or accepted. Our mind closes. We become the dictators of our imagination. Why not have a revolt that ends this rule? I like to cherish and rediscover this quality of children. For me doing art is like being a child doing science: (re-) discovering new pathways and elixirs and truths. It is a mix of experimentation and play and thoughts.

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