#MarcoZero – solo Exhibition 16.11.’13 Estúdio Lámina

#Marco Zero. exhibition @ Estudio Lamina – Brasil

solo exhibition
opening: 16th of November 2013
location: Sao Paulo - Brazil
curator: Luciano Cortaruas
website: www.EstudioLamina.com.br

#MarcoZero describes my visual approach to São Paulo: Never having been to São Paulo, the city was like a blank sheet of paper for me. I gradually got to know the city through making drawings and portraits starting from Praça do Sé, which is not only the antique center of Sao Paulo, but also the point where a stone sign "zero" marks the beginning of the expansion of the now 11 Million city.

The exhibition is going to showcase drawings that evolved during my time as an artist in residence at Estúdio Lamina. The whole exhibition can be seen as a visual diary, capturing my impressions and experiences of scenes observed in the streets of São Paulo, as well as a series of portraits. In these portraits, street sketches, and drawings based on old photographs from the Mario Andrade Biblioteca São Paulo Photography Archive I tried to capture the identity of this fast and contrastive city and its inhabitants.

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